TracePlus Win32 5.60.000

TracePlus Win32 5.60.000: View and analyze Win32 API calls made by your application. TracePlus/Win32 shows you the interaction between your Win32 application and multiple Win32 APIs. Supported APIs that are displayed in realtime include ODBC, OLE, COM, TAPI, WININET, registry, DB-Library, and more. Integrated SQL capture window displays SQL statements.generated by the supported database APIs.

Win32 NASM Guide #1 1.0: Beginner`s Guide Series - Win32 Assembly Programming with NASM
Win32 NASM Guide #1 1.0

Beginner`s Guide Series - Win32 Assembly Programming with NASM Guide #1 Getting Win32 NASM Tools and Building a Simple Win32 Dialog-based Test Program

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PC Guard for Win32 5.10.0000: Professional software protection and licensing system.
PC Guard for Win32 5.10.0000

Win32 (.NET) is a professional software protection and licensing system for Windows 32bit and .NET framework applications. Secure: With 20 years of experience in the field of software protection, licensing and activation we are currently providing the most secure software copy protection and licensing solutions for your valuable software assets. Compatible: Protected applications will work fine under all Win32 and Win64 operating systems from Windows

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API Monitor 1.2.1: API Monitor is a software that allows you to spy and display Win32 API calls.
API Monitor 1.2.1

API Monitor is a software that allows you to spy and display Win32 API calls made by applications. It can trace any exported APIs and display wide range of information, including function name, call sequence, input and output parameters, function return value and more. A useful developer tool for seeing how win32 applications work and learn their tricks.

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Tags Library Reads and writes all common audio tag formats.
Tags Library

Tags Library is a component for Delphi (Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS and Android) and a .dll for developer environments supporting usage of Win32, Win64 or OSX32 .dlls (C++, VB, etc.). Reads and writes all common audio tag file formats.

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QRCode 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 4.0.1: QRCode 2D Barcode Win32 DLL
QRCode 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 4.0.1

Our QRCode Win32 DLL can create device independent 2D barcode image for your applications, you can save the barcode as either BMP or WMF image file or copy barcode WMF image to the clipboard.

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AS HDGET WIN32 DLL 2.1: Win32 dll and static library to get HDD model,serial and revision number

Get IDE HDD model, serial and revision number for all IDE drives in a system.WIN32 DLL and static library in one package.Not WMI, only windows API.Very small and fast. No need for administrative rights.Just one function call to remember.Use it with C/C++, VB,Delphi,XBASE++,FOX...

hd model, static, hd serial number, win32 dll, hd revision number

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